Maxime Bernier: The made-for-self man

I’m torn on this one.

If there is one thing that Mr. Bernier has right that all other politicians seem to have wrong, it’s his position on supply management. The fact that anyone who calls themselves “conservative” could ever support such an overtly anti-market policy (even passively) while simultaneously whining about the “socialists” in other quarters is disgusting in its hypocrisy.

That said, his sudden conversion to Kellie Leitch inspired dog-whistle blowing is both sad and revealing. Max Bernier is for Max Bernier, even if it means wading waist deep into the shit-filled cesspool of single-issue anti-(non-white)-immigration voters. Why now, and not during the leadership convention? Because it wasn’t a winning strategy then, as Ms. Leitch will readily admit (where is she now anyway?). But he lost that race, and apparently decided that supply management wasn’t enough to differentiate himself anymore.

So on one hand he bristles on Twitter about the multicultural wasteland the Liberals are supposedly leading us towards, and yet on the other he is perfectly content to shit on the only viable alternative for the grave crime of not being extreme enough. Brilliant play. It’s not like trying to split the vote has ever before resulted in a majority of the thing you supposedly most despise… right?

Oh well. Pass me some more of that hilariously overpriced milk please.